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What is Sun Sparkler Sedum

The SunSparkler® series of Sedum, also known as Stonecrop, comprises a group of registered cultivars known for being easy to grow and drought-tolerant. These succulents serve as spreading groundcovers and feature a variety of leaf types with flowers in shades of pink and red​​. They are suitable for USDA hardiness zones 4 through 9, making them adaptable to a range of climatic conditions, from temperate to cooler environments​​​​​​.

Specific varieties within the SunSparkler® series, such as ‘Firecracker’ and ‘Dazzleberry’, present unique characteristics. The ‘Firecracker’ variety, for instance, showcases shiny, red foliage with large medium pink flowerheads that appear from late summer through fall​​. Similarly, the ‘Dazzleberry’ variety is noted for its smokey blue-grey leaves and raspberry-pink flowers that bloom in the same season​​.

These plants prefer to grow in full sun, necessitating at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily, and they thrive in well-drained soil. Their maintenance is relatively low, which is part of their appeal as groundcovers for sunny borders or pathway edging​​. The SunSparkler® series is also prized for its compact growth habit, with plants typically reaching a mature height of 4 to 6 inches and spreading about 15 to 18 inches​​.

In summary, the SunSparkler® Sedum series is an excellent choice for gardeners looking for resilient, vibrant groundcover plants that are effective in a variety of garden settings and across a wide range of USDA zones.

Sun Sparkler Sedum Key Details

Characteristic Details
Size Height: 6-10 inches; Spread: 12-24 inches​​​​​​
Primary Color Leaves are light blue with creamy white variegation down the center​​
Secondary Color Leaves have pink edges that intensify during the hot summer months​​
Cold Hardiness Hardiness Zones: 3-9​​
Light Requirement Requires full sun (over 6 hours of direct sun)​​
Growth Habit/Shape Forms a rounded mound and cascading mound of succulent powdery-blue leaves​​​​
Special Features Excellent as groundcover, particularly for hot, dry sites with poor soil; pink flowers in late summer​​


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