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What is String of Beads

The String of Beads plant, scientifically known as Curio rowleyanus (formerly Senecio rowleyanus) and commonly referred to as String of Pearls, is a unique succulent that’s well-known for its round, bead-like leaves lining its long, pendulous stems. This plant is particularly suitable for growing in USDA hardiness zones 9 through 12, where it can thrive outdoors in the right conditions​​​​.

In more moderate climates, specifically in zones 8a to 10b, the String of Pearls can also survive outdoors if provided with a bright, sheltered location. However, due to its specific requirements and sensitivity to colder temperatures, it is often grown as a houseplant outside these optimal zones​​​​.

The String of Pearls prefers full to partial sun and well-drained, sandy soil. The soil pH should be neutral to acidic for optimal growth. This plant blooms in the summer, producing white flowers. It is important to note that the String of Pearls is toxic to both humans and pets, so it should be kept out of reach of children and animals​​.

When grown indoors, the String of Pearls can be a striking addition to your home decor, typically grown in pots or hanging baskets, allowing its strands to dangle elegantly. The mature size of the plant is usually 1 to 2 feet tall and long, making it an ideal choice for small spaces or as an accent in larger rooms​​.

String of Beads Key Details

Attribute Details
Size Height: 1.00 to 2.00 feet  Spread: 1.00 to 2.00 feet​​
Primary Color Foliage: Green (spherical, tiny pea-shaped modified leaves)​​
Secondary Color Bloom: White (daisy-like, discoid flowers with cinnamon aroma)​​
Cold Hardiness USDA Zones 9 to 12, intolerant of frost​​
Light Requirement Full sun to part shade​​
Growth Habit/Shape Succulent vine with trailing stems​​
Special Features Drought-tolerant, evergreen, ornamental for hanging baskets, unique leaf shape, aromatic flowers, water storage in leaves​​​​​​


20-25CM 1POT


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