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What is Sedum Mexicanum

Sedum mexicanum ‘Lemon Ball’, also known as Mexican Stonecrop, is a vibrant and hardy succulent that thrives in USDA hardiness zones 4 to 9, with some sources suggesting suitability up to zone 11​​​​​​​​​​. This plant is native to Mexico and Central America and is recognized for its drought tolerance and ability to withstand temperatures as low as 0 to 40 °F (-17.8 to 4.4 °C)​​. It grows to a mature height of 4 to 6 inches and can spread to 10-18 inches wide, forming bright yellow flower clusters that bloom in late spring, which are attractive to bees and butterflies​​​​.

For optimal growth, ‘Lemon Ball’ requires a sunny spot with at least 6 hours of full sun each day, although it can also tolerate filtered or partial sun​​. The soil should be well-draining, and while the plant is drought-resistant, it benefits from regular watering from spring through fall, ensuring the soil dries out between waterings​​. This succulent is not particularly demanding regarding humidity and is hardy down to -30°F, indicating its resilience in various climatic conditions​​.

Sedum Mexicanum Key Details

Characteristic Details
Size 4-6 inches tall, 10-18 inches wide​​​​​​
Primary Color Vibrant yellow-green, golden yellow​​​​
Secondary Color Lime to gold and orange depending on the season​​
Cold Hardiness 4-9
Light Requirement Full sun to partial shade​​
Growth Habit/Shape Mounded, low-growing, succulent, groundcover​​​​​​
Special Features Drought tolerant, heat tolerant, produces yellow flowers in summer​​​​​​


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