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What is Aloe California Medicinal

Medicinal Aloe is a perennial plant with medicinal values, used for treating burns, wounds, and skin conditions. Its leaves are thick and contain a gel, which is often used to make ointments and gels. In the United States, Medicinal Aloe is typically cultivated as an indoor plant or as an outdoor plant in warmer climate conditions.

Medicinal Aloe enjoys plenty of sunlight and well-drained soil, displaying strong drought tolerance, enabling it to grow in arid and high-temperature conditions.

Aloe California Medicinal Key Details

Feature English Description
Size Not specified for Aloe ‘California’, but general Aloe species can vary in size from small to tree-like​​
Primary Color Silvery Blue (Glaucous) for Aloe ‘California’​​
Secondary Color Yellow, Orange, Pink, or Red (flowers)​​
Cold Hardiness 10-12
Light Requirement full sun exposure
Growth Habit/Shape Aloe ‘California’ has an upward thrust of a tree aloe species with a clumping habit​​. General Aloe species have a rosette of large, thick, fleshy leaves​​
Special Features Known for medicinal properties, particularly for skin conditions. Propagation by stem cuttings and offsets​​


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