Aeonium Black And White Grid

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What is Aeonium Black And White Grid

The Aeonium Black And White Grid is a unique and visually striking succulent. It is characterized by its geometric rosettes of succulent leaves, which display a captivating combination of black and white patterns. This plant typically reaches a size of 6-10 cm in diameter. It is a low-maintenance plant, ideal for both indoor and outdoor settings, depending on climate conditions.

In terms of care, Aeoniums prefer a mild, dry climate. They require full sun or partial shade and thrive in well-drained soil, preferably sandy or shallow rocky. These plants are suitable for USDA Plant Hardiness Zones 9a to 11b, making them suitable for warmer regions in the United States. During winter, when temperatures drop below 40°F, it is recommended to bring them indoors and maintain a temperature above 50°F. They require limited watering, just enough to prevent the leaves from shriveling.

Aeonium Black And White Grid Key Details

Characteristic Details
Size grow up to 1-2 feet tall and wide
Primary Color Mostly green, with some varieties having burgundy or black tones
Secondary Color May include cream, pink, yellow, or variegated patterns
Cold Hardiness Can resist frosts down to -2°C to 0°C
Light Requirement Prefers full sun to partial shade; avoid intense direct sunlight
Growth Habit/Shape Rosette-shaped with fleshy, waxy leaves
Special Features Drought-tolerant, easy to propagate, suitable for indoor/outdoor




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