Tacisedum Solar Flare


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What is Tacisedum Solar Flare

Tacisedum ‘Solar Flare’ is a distinct cultivar of the Tacisedum hybrida species, notable for its compact form and star-shaped rosette morphology​​. The foliage of ‘Solar Flare’ is particularly striking, with copper-pink margins that are enhanced when the plant is exposed to bright light​​. This succulent is adept at producing offsets, which contribute to its dense and attractive appearance​​.

During the spring months, ‘Solar Flare’ is adorned with sprays of larger pink flowers, adding to its ornamental appeal​​. The geometric nature of its rosettes, combined with its vibrant leaf coloration, makes it a popular choice for container planting on patios or as a landscape plant for ornamental purposes​​.

Tacisedum Solar Flare Key Details

Characteristic Details
Size Low-growing, produces rosettes up to 12 cm in diameter​​
Primary Color Green leaves with copper-pink margins​​
Secondary Color Larger pink flowers produced in spring​​
Cold Hardiness Not specified in the provided sources
Light Requirement Bright light accentuates copper-pink leaf margins​​
Growth Habit/Shape Concentric star-shaped rosette morphology​​
Special Features Attractive compact cluster formation, offsets freely​​


20-25CM 1POT


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