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What is Soap Aloe

Soap Aloe , also known as Aloe maculata or Zebra Aloe, is a species of aloe indigenous to Southern Africa. Locally, it is informally known as Bontaalwyn in Afrikaans or lekhala in the Sesotho language. It is a highly variable species, easily hybridizing with other similar aloes, sometimes making identification challenging. The leaves range in color from red to green but always have distinctive “H-shaped” spots. The flowers also vary in color from bright red to yellow but are always bunched in a uniquely flat-topped raceme. The gel of this plant is traditionally used as a remedy for various medicinal properties by local people, addressing issues related to skin complaints, inflammation, the respiratory system, the muscular-skeletal system, poisoning, circulation, and endocrine system diseases.

Soap Aloe Key Details

Characteristic Details
Size 3.5″
Foliage Color Green
Flower Color Yellow to Bright Red and Orange
Cold Hardiness 8-11
Light Requirement Bright Light
Growth Habit/Shape Stemless, Flowering Succulent
Special Features Drought-tolerant, Attracts bees and hummingbirds​.


3.5" 1POT


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