Blue Spruce Sedum


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What is Blue Spruce Sedum

The Blue Spruce Sedum, scientifically known as Sedum reflexum or Sedum rupestre, is a succulent groundcover admired for its small, fleshy blue leaves that resemble the needles of a blue spruce conifer. This plant is easy to grow and thrives in full sun settings with well-drained soil and minimal water. The foliage of Blue Spruce Sedum is quite distinctive and adds a splash of color to gardens. During the summer, it produces cheerful yellow flowers, adding to its ornamental appeal. It’s a low-maintenance plant which is quite winter hardy, and can tolerate some shade, although it significantly prefers the warmth and sunlight

Blue Spruce Sedum Key Details

Feature Information
Size Height: 3-8 inches (8-20 cm), Width: 10-24 inches (25-60 cm)
Primary Color Blue-green
Secondary Color Yellow (flowers)
Cold Hardiness 3-11
Light Requirement Full sun to partial shade
Growth Habit/Shape Mat-like ground cover, low-growing, evergreen perennial with needle-like leaves
Special Features Drought-tolerant, suitable for rock gardens, containers, as a groundcover or edging plant, attracts butterflies


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