Aloe Nobilis Variegata


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What is Aloe Nobilis Variegata

The Golden Toothed Aloe (Aloe nobilis variegata), also known as the “Golden Toothed Aloe,” is a stunning succulent with striking aesthetics. Originally native to South Africa, this plant has been widely cultivated around the world due to its beautiful appearance and robust adaptability. The Golden Toothed Aloe features lush green leaves that are generously adorned with golden-yellow teeth along the edges, giving it a unique shape and presentation.

The Golden Toothed Aloe exhibits tremendous adaptability to various environmental conditions, thriving in arid and barren soils, and demonstrating resilience to fluctuations in temperature and humidity. It is commonly used for horticultural decoration, finding its place in gardens, patios, and balconies.

Aloe Nobilis Variegata Key Details


Characteristic Details
Size Height: 6-12 inches, Width: 8-12 inches​​
Primary Color Light to mid-green leaves​​
Secondary Color White teeth along the translucent edges​​
Cold Hardiness 9-11​​
Light Requirement Full sun, Light shade​​
Growth Habit/Shape Small rosettes​​
Special Features Golden toothed due to white teeth on translucent edges​​


20-25CM 1POT


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