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What is Aloe brevifolia (Short-leaved Aloe)

Aloe brevifolia, also known as the Short-Leaved Aloe, is an evergreen succulent perennial valued for its attractive foliage. It forms a carpet of decorative rosettes, each about 4 inches wide, with broadly triangular, fleshy leaves that are pale blue in light shade. The leaves turn rosy-pink and golden-yellow when exposed to full sun, creating a beautiful display. The plant typically grows to a height of under 6 inches and is suitable for rock gardens, xeriscaping, and as a small-scale ground cover due to its clustering growth habit​.

Aloe brevifolia (Short-leaved Aloe) Key Details


Characteristic Details
Size Grows up to 1-2 ft tall and wide​.
Primary Color Pale blue-green or glaucous green leaves​.
Cold Hardiness 9-11
Light Requirement Full sun to light shade​​.
Growth Habit/Shape Forms dense clusters of stemless or very short-stemmed rosettes​.


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